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Posts by Lori Seeman

Three Questions to Ponder When Weighing Senior Care for Your Dad

Senior Care in Hutchinson MN: Three Questions to Think About

Senior Care in Hutchinson MN: You’re looking into senior care services for your dad. Do you know where to start? It’s a new experience, and few people know what to ask. They rely on the things they’re told during a phone conversation. Here are three questions you need to think about before you make a call. When you do call an agency, be sure to ask each question.

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Can Vegetables Help Your Mom With Artery Health?

Elderly Care in Rochester MN: Vegetables and Artery Health

Elderly Care in Rochester MN: Is it possible that vegetables can keep your mom’s arteries from hardening? One Australian study believes certain vegetables can. The University of Western Australian study looked at almost 1,000 women. Those who did not have hardening of the arteries ate larger quantities of cruciforms like broccoli, brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, and kale regularly.

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What is Digital Health and How Can It Help a Senior?

Senior Care in Blaine MN: Digital Health

Senior Care in Blaine MN: What do you know about digital health? Digital health is designed to create a more personalized, comprehensive experience with tracking medical conditions and making sure care needs are met. Part of digital health involves keeping medical records on a digital platform that both doctors and patients can easily access. Authorized family members can also access appointments and test results.

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