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Posts by Lori Seeman

What is Digital Health and How Can It Help a Senior?

Senior Care in Blaine MN: Digital Health

Senior Care in Blaine MN: What do you know about digital health? Digital health is designed to create a more personalized, comprehensive experience with tracking medical conditions and making sure care needs are met. Part of digital health involves keeping medical records on a digital platform that both doctors and patients can easily access. Authorized family members can also access appointments and test results.

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Supporting Your Parent as You Wait for Cancer Screening Results

Elder Care in Fairmont MN: Cancer Screening

Elder Care in Fairmont MN: People often say that the unknown is the most frightening thing that you can face. This is clearly evidenced in waiting for the results of a cancer screening. If your elderly parent is preparing to undergo a cancer screening they will face a period of time during which they are waiting for the result. This can be a nerve-wracking and emotionally challenging time for your senior, and as their family caregiver it is important that you are there for them and help them through this time.

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5 Steps to Stop Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Elderly Care in Buffalo MN: Preventing Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Elderly Care in Buffalo MN: Did you know that winter is a high-risk time for carbon monoxide poisoning? This deadly gas can leak from common household appliances like furnaces, wood-burning stoves, and propane grills. Because people are less likely to have windows and doors open, deadly concentrations can accumulate. When inhaled, people can suffer from carbon monoxide poisoning and experience a range of negative health issues. Seniors and children are especially at risk for serious complications from carbon monoxide poisoning.

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What You Should Know About the Flu

Senior Care in Marshall MN: Things to Know About the Flu

Senior Care in Marshall MN: Each year the fall and winter season can bring with it a danger that can strike quickly and cause devastating consequences. This is flu season, and this year the illness has been particularly severe, causing tremendous illness and even death throughout the country.

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How Caregivers Can Help Elderly Parents With Money

Caregiver in Mankato MN: Handling a Senior's Finances

Caregiver in Mankato MN: Adult children that have become family caregivers to an elderly parent sacrifice their own time and energy to make sure their aging mom or dad has what they need. Besides keeping them clean and fed, many family caregivers find that they also need to step in and assist with financial matters.

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Help Elderly Adults Stay Safe This Winter

Home Care in Rochester MN: Winter Safety

Home Care in Rochester MN: Mother Nature can deliver quite serious winter weather in many parts of the country. While snow and ice are fine for skiing and skating, the slippery and cold conditions can also be dangerous. Elderly adults are especially challenged to stay safe and warm during serious winter weather.

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Should You Get a GPS Device for a Parent with Dementia?

Elderly Care in Marshall MN: GPS for Seniors with Dementia

Elderly Care in Marshall MN: Dementia often causes changes in behavior. One change that can occur is wandering, which means the person may leave their home and become disoriented, or lost. When an older adult with dementia becomes lost, it is very distressing for their family members. Managing the behavior is difficult, and families may try a number of different strategies before finding something that works for their situation. One thing family caregivers may try is a GPS device made especially for dementia patients who wander.

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How to Capture Your Elderly Parent’s Personal History

Elderly Care in Blaine MN: Recording Your Parent's Personal History

Elderly Care in Blaine MN: As you are the family caregiver and focus on providing elderly care for your aging parent, you have lots of opportunities to talk to them about their life. So, why not make it official? They have the chance to share the parts of their own story that they value, both good times and bad times. It’s never too late to approach your aging mom or dad about sharing their personal history with you and preserving it for future generations.

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