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How Can You Help Your Parents Kick Sugar Cravings?

Researchers point out the dangers of consuming too much sugar. Eating or drinking excessive amounts of sugar can lead to diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. You’re worried about your parents. Your dad needs two teaspoons of sugar in his coffee. Your mom drinks tea all day long and loads it up with sugar. They don’t enjoy cooking, so they eat frozen dinners and takeout Chinese.

When your parent can’t seem to get past bad habits that add sugar to the diet, it’s time to help them. Here are tips for helping your parents kick sugar cravings.

Home Care in Marshall MN: Kicking Sugar Cravings

Home Care in Marshall MN: Kicking Sugar Cravings

Fill Up on Veggies.

If your parents are craving something crunchy, they should grab raw broccoli, celery, and cucumbers. There’s the satisfaction of the crunch, but there’s not going to be the sugar that’s found in crunchy cookies, granola bars, or candies.

Sweeten Naturally.

If your mom and dad cannot stand coffee, tea, iced tea, or oatmeal without sugar, try stevia. This herb is calorie-free and incredibly sweet. They can enjoy sweetness to their favorite beverage. They could also satisfy a dessert craving by making a chia seed pudding with nut milk, stevia, and cocoa nibs or powder.

Skip the Soda.

Soda is packed with sugar. A can of cola has approximately nine teaspoons of sugar in it. That’s the American Heart Association’s daily limit recommended for men. Women are recommended to not exceed six teaspoons.

If a fizzy drink is desired, your parent can start drinking seltzer. It can take a little time to adjust to the lack of sweetness, but flavored seltzers or seltzers that add natural fruit juice may be more palatable.

Cook From Scratch.

When it comes to meals, your parents need to cook from scratch. Takeout Chinese or pizza may be easy, but it’s also high in sugar. One serving of General Tso’s chicken has almost one teaspoon of sugar. A small hand tossed Domino’s cheese pizza has almost three teaspoons of sugar.

Cooking from scratch gives them control over ingredients. They should focus the bulk of their food choices on fresh vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and lean proteins. It can also help to pick grains that don’t give the body a rush of carbs. Barley is one grain with a low glycemic index that helps keep blood sugar levels stable.

Whether arthritis pain, advancing symptoms of dementia, or lack of interest keeps your parent from cooking, there are home care options that can help. If you can’t cook low-sugar meals for them, hire a caregiver. Caregivers can cook meals, go grocery shopping, and eat with your mom or dad.

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