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Can Vegetables Help Your Mom With Artery Health?

Is it possible that vegetables can keep your mom’s arteries from hardening? One Australian study believes certain vegetables can. The University of Western Australian study looked at almost 1,000 women. Those who did not have hardening of the arteries ate larger quantities of cruciforms like broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, and kale regularly.

Elderly Care in Rochester MN: Vegetables and Artery Health

Elderly Care in Rochester MN: Vegetables and Artery Health

What the Study Found.

The study asked participants to answer how many vegetables they ate each day. It also asked for the types of vegetables: cruciforms, garlic/onions, leafy greens, legumes, or orange/red/yellow vegetables. Once that information was collected, sonograms were used to measure the thickness of the carotid artery wall.

Once the wall thickness was measured, the researchers compared the thicknesses to the amount and types of vegetables eaten. In cases where the participant ate lots of cruciforms, the thickness of the artery wall was 0.05 millimeters less. Each 0.35-ounce portion of cruciferous vegetables lowered the thickness by about 0.8 percent.

Nutritional Benefits of Cruciforms.

Cruciferous vegetables are high in glucosinates, which are sulfur-rich. This leads to the off-putting odor that many people smell when the vegetables are cooked. Those same glucosinates are touted as being beneficial for overall health by slowing the development of cancerous cells in some studies and reducing the risk of cardiovascular issues.

These types of vegetables are also packed with vitamins, minerals, and fiber. You’ll find vitamins C and K in cruciforms. Plus, you’ll find essential nutrients like calcium, folate, potassium, and selenium.

Two Ways to Make Sure Your Mom Doubles Up on Veggies.

There are two easy ways to make sure your mom eats a lot of these and other vegetables. If she grows her own vegetables, she’ll have an ample supply available. She saves money on produce costs. Plus, her pride in what she’s grown may make her more likely to eat those vegetables.

It’s not surprising to see seniors not enjoying cooking healthy meals. Standing on a hard kitchen floor is hard on the joints. Cutting meats and vegetables is hard when joint pain makes it hard to hold a knife. As a result, many seniors lean towards prepared foods and heat-and-eat meals.

If your mom isn’t cooking as often as she should, look into elderly care options. Caregivers offering meal services will come to your mom’s home and cook for her. Caregivers can stick around and eat with her, too. She benefits from having a nutritious meal and companionship.

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