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Resources for Caregivers

Caregiver in St. Cloud MN

As the primary family caregiver, your life will be filled with many blessings and, at the same time, many challenges. The roles have been reversed. You are now caring for the one that cared for youCaregiver-in-St.-Cloud-MN for all those years, leaving both you and your parent having to redefine your relationship. Though this may take some time, both of you can grow into and accept your new roles and find happiness and joy in moments shared.

You will probably find you’re busy with the everyday tasks of living. Cleaning, preparing meals and helping your parent with daily hygiene can be all-time consuming. Make sure you have some help along the way. Take time to ensure that you’re spending a little quality time everyday with your parent. You won’t always look back on the time spent cleaning in joyful reverie, but the moments you spend connecting with your parent while reading a book, drinking tea on the patio, or reminiscing while browsing through family photos will be treasured by both of you.

When the challenging moments arise, and before you start to get frazzled, become aware of the many resources available to caregivers.

  • AARP Caregiving Resources (http://www.aarp.org/home-family/caregiving) offers tools, articles and even how-to videos on caring for both your parent and yourself.
  • Caregiver Action Network (CaregiverAction.org) provides education and training on how caregivers can take care of others and themselves.
  • Family Caregiver Alliance – The National Center on Caregiving (caregiver.org) offers information, support and resources for family caregivers. These include tip sheets, videos, and online classes.
  • Senior Community Centers are found in almost every community and are great sources of information regarding seniors. In addition to providing classes and social outings for your parent, you can find resources for transportation, caregiving support, meals and other topics as they relate to the elderly.
  • Support groups can be found for caregivers as well as for those facing certain diseases such as Alzheimer’s. They offer encouragement and advice from those that are traveling down the same road as you and your loved one.
  • Obtain the services of an in-home senior care provider who can care for your parent and assist with the daily activities of living, giving you time to care for yourself. Knowing your parent is in good and capable hands will offer you the time you need to recharge and refresh so that the caregiver and keep on caring

If you or someone you know needs caregiver services in St. Cloud, MN, contact Prairie River Home Care. We provide quality and affordable home care services for many fragile or senior members in the communities we serve. Call us at (888) 660-5772 for more information.


Lori Seeman

Lori Seemann has a background in nurse management, hands-on critical care and business management. Her clinical expertise and knowledge of information systems had been instrumental in ensuring operational consistency in all branch offices. She led efforts that resulted in implementation of a new home care computer system that is utilized for staffing, scheduling, clinical records and billing. Lori continues to seek opportunities to improve caregiver productivity through nurse utilization of a unique point of care laptop computer system.