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Elderly Care in Buffalo MN

5 Steps to Stop Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Elderly Care in Buffalo MN: Preventing Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Elderly Care in Buffalo MN: Did you know that winter is a high-risk time for carbon monoxide poisoning? This deadly gas can leak from common household appliances like furnaces, wood-burning stoves, and propane grills. Because people are less likely to have windows and doors open, deadly concentrations can accumulate. When inhaled, people can suffer from carbon monoxide poisoning and experience a range of negative health issues. Seniors and children are especially at risk for serious complications from carbon monoxide poisoning.

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How Can You Prepare Yourself to be a Family Caregiver for Your Senior?

Elderly Care in Buffalo MN: Preparing to be a Family Caregiver

Elderly Care in Buffalo MN: Taking on the role of being a family caregiver for your elderly loved one can be one of the most meaningful and positive experiences of your life. This is a chance for you to spend extra quality time with your senior, to ensure that they get everything that they need on a regular basis, and to keep your family relationships closer throughout the years.

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Do You Feel that Your Parent Needs Elder Care?

“I Call this Meeting to Order.” When It’s Time to Talk Seriously about Elderly Care with Family near Buffalo, MN When it’s time to talk about elderly care with family, you may run into a number of obstacles. Some members of the family may not see things the same way as you do. They may…

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Elderly Care in Buffalo, MN: Odd Behavior Changes

Elderly Care in Buffalo, MN

Behaviors change as Alzheimer’s disease progresses. Just when you, as caregiver, think you have it all figured out, the behaviors will change. Some of the changes of behavior might be textbook cases; others may be individual to your elderly adult. In other words, there’s no one set of symptoms that matches every patient. Changes in…

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