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Could Computer Games Help Your Mom’s Cognitive Skills?

Alzheimer’s cases continue to climb. It’s concerning. The Health and Retirement Study looked at men and women over the age of 50. For 10 years, the study looked at the cognitive skills of 3,000 people. Those who actively played action games online and on gaming systems showed higher cognitive skills.

Home Care in Buffalo MN: Could Computer Games Improve Cognitive Skills?

Home Care in Buffalo MN: Could Computer Games Improve Cognitive Skills?

Action games may help. Why not encourage your mom to try a few video games. It may take a little time to see which types of action games appeal most to your parent. It’s a great way to get teens to bond with their grandparent.

Choose Different Types of Action Games.

The study looked at action games. Action games cover a wide range. There are multiplayer games where your mom would play with other people from around the world. Creating a username maintains a level of anonymity.

Some games play like movies. You control the characters and the choices they make as you solve a crime or mystery. You might be trying to make it to safety or escape a room or building. There are games where you are battling others or trying to survive after some form of apocalypse.

If your mom enjoys history, she might like games that take her back to the Salem Witch Trials or prehistoric times. She might enjoy building a civilization and battling others to maintain control of that new world. There are games where you mom fills the shoes of Sherlock Holmes and has to solve the Jack the Ripper murders and many other recognizable crimes.

Save Money on Games.

Renting games can help save money. There are also services like GOG and Steam that allow your mom to purchase games online. She’ll also find many demos that are free. It’s a great way to experience different games without spending a lot of money.

Make Sure She Socializes.

While games offer some level of socialization with chats or if she plays with you or a grandchild, she should get outside, too. Joining other seniors at senior centers is a great way to socialize. She might want to attend a lunch or outing. There are fitness groups, book discussion clubs, and crafting meetings at senior centers and public libraries.

If you do notice your mom’s cognitive skills are declining, don’t wait to get her supportive care. Home care services aid her in living independently. Caregivers provide companionship as they help with household tasks, transportation, and appointment scheduling.

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