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Could You be Financially Responsible for Your Elderly Mom?

Do you and your mom talk about her plans for aging at home? You should. Some states in the U.S. still have filial responsibility laws on the books. What does this mean? Filial responsibility laws can require adult children to provide basic necessities for a parent who doesn’t personally have the resources.

Elderly Care in Mankato MN: Could You be Financially Responsible for Your Elderly Mom?

Elderly Care in Mankato MN: Could You be Financially Responsible for Your Elderly Mom?

Filial responsibility laws gained attention in 2012 when a son was sued by a nursing home to cover his mother’s nursing home care. Courts ruled in the nursing home’s favor citing the filial responsibility laws. That son ended up owing close to $100,000 even though he was not on her nursing home patient/resident contract.

Don’t put off discussions on what happens if your mom needs elderly care. It’s important to have an honest discussion about financing, personal preferences, and locations. Make sure you gather your siblings and join your mom for a comprehensive planning session with an elder law specialist.

Things to Discuss.

You need to have a frank talk about your mom’s finances. Does she have long-term care insurance? If something happens, how long could she pay for care on her own? If Medicaid will be necessary in the future, it’s better to look into those rules now and avoid a denial of coverage years down the road because you didn’t know something.

If money is tight, you should look into cost-cutting measures. Can you and your siblings chip in a day or two a week to cut the number of hours a caregiver is needed? If you take Friday and Saturday and your sibling takes Monday and Tuesday, that’s four days where you can save money.

Would a Move Be Better?

If your mom needed to drastically cut her expenses, do you have room where your parent could move in with you? Would you be able to get along? Would you consider moving in with your mom? If you have two households paying into one home, it can help put some money aside for caregivers.

Don’t Ignore Your Own Needs.

While looking at the “what-ifs” involving your mom’s elderly care plans, don’t forget your own needs. Will taking on care of a parent deplete your own savings? You need to consider your own future expenses, too. If you’re caring for your mom, you still need to arrange it so that you have time for personal care and medical visits.

It’s never too early to discuss elderly care plans. Your mom could be healthy now, but you need to have the discussion and see what will happen if she doesn’t have the financial means to pay for her own care.

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