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Do You Know the Signs of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning?

Elder Care in Buffalo MN: Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Elder Care in Buffalo MN: CO is dangerous because when it is breathed in, it replaces oxygen in the bloodstream, causing cells to die and organs to stop working. If help is not received immediately, the gas can kill a person in minutes. Recognizing the symptoms of CO poisoning can help family caregivers and elder care providers to save the lives of seniors.

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Stomach Cancer Prevention Tips for Elders


Elder Care in Buffalo MN November is Stomach Cancer Awareness Month in order to bring awareness of this fatal disease to the public, especially during the holidays when eating is a marathon sport for many people. Stomach cancer, also known as gastric cancer, develops first in the inner layers of the stomach, then deeply penetrates…

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Home Care Tips: Preventing Infections in Elders


Elder Care in Buffalo MN International Infection Prevention Week begins October 18 in order to spread the word on the dangers of infections and how they can be prevented. The age group that are more prone to getting serious infections is the elder demographic due to a weak immune system, functional changes to their bodies,…

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Elder Care Options in Buffalo, MN

Elder Care in Buffalo, MN

If you just realized that your mother or father, or perhaps your grandmother or grandfather, is going to require some form of assistance as they get older, then you’re going to be looking into elder care. So what does this work encompass, actually? Does it refer to any form of home care for elderly individuals?…

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Elder Care in Buffalo, MN: Eye Conditions Related to Age

Home Care Services in Hutchinson, MN

Good eye health is important at any age. Because there can be some inevitable changes to the eyes that are age-related, it’s even more important to maintain good eye health. This can be done by eating good foods, protecting eyes against UV rays, and having regular annual check-ups and screenings. Some of the common eye…

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