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Why Do Aging Women Develop Hair Loss?

While hair loss and hair thinning is a natural part of aging, it can still be a big concern for elderly women. Men and women both notice a deterioration in hair quality and quantity as they get older, but it is often more noticeable in women due to their longer hair styles. Family caregivers and senior care providers can help aging women understand hair loss and work with them to minimize it as best they can.

Senior Care in Mankato MN: Elderly Women and Hair Loss

Senior Care in Mankato MN: Elderly Women and Hair Loss

Why Do Elderly Women Have Hair Loss?

There are many different reasons why elderly women suffer from hair loss. The most common reason is simply that their bodies are aging and cannot produce as much hair as quickly as they once did. Menopause causes a lot of changes for women, including hair growth. Declining amounts of hormones like estrogen also make hair follicles thinner and grow more slowly.

There are many other reasons why aging women experience hair loss that also relate to age. There are several health issues that may affect hair growth, such as side effects of certain medications, side effects of certain conditions like diabetes or iron deficiencies, and poor nutrition. Another issue could be the treatment of the hair itself, like using very hot curling irons, lots of chemical treatments, and tight hairstyles.

Hair Loss Treatment and Prevention.

There’s not much that family caregivers and senior care providers can do to reverse the effects of aging, but there are some preventative measures that can slow down the progress or correct health issues that might be contributing to the hair loss. The first step is to consult with a doctor to ensure that the elderly woman isn’t suffering from an undiagnosed health problem such as hyperthyroidism. If the hair loss problem is linked to medicinal side effects, the doctor may be able to make adjustments to that as well.

Family caregivers and senior care providers can ensure that elderly women are eating a nutritious diet and getting plenty of water to drink. Many hair loss issues are related to a lack of certain vitamins and minerals. Also, gentle treatment of existing hair can really help. For example, family caregivers and senior care providers that help elderly women during grooming, bathing, and showering should use lukewarm water and gentle shampoo. High heat dryers and curling irons are also unhealthy for hair. Anyone that assists the elderly woman, such as family members or senior care providers, should be aware of the special hair care regimen.

Making Peace With Age-Related Hair Loss.

Ultimately, hair thinning and hair loss are often a part of aging for women, and it’s often easier to embrace the changes than to fight them. There are flattering hairstyles that women can get that camouflage thin hair, and wigs can also help. Ultimately, elderly women need the support of the people around them—family members, friends, senior care providers and more—to feel beautiful and loved despite hair loss.

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